Are Your Brakes Working Properly?

Published: 01/26/2011 by AutoShopit

Brakes Working Properly - Brake Pads, Brake Discs - Brake Lines

Brakes Working Properly - Brake Pads, Brake Discs - Brake Lines

Your brakes are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on your car. If there is a problem with your brakes then you will not stop as quickly as normal and you could put yourself in a potentially dangerous position. If you do not check brakes on a regular basis then you will not know that you could be driving a car that is dangerous to you and other road users. When you do get around to repairing or replacing your brakes, the cost could be even higher than it would be if you did the work when it was originally needed.

If you check the condition of your brakes twice a year you can protect the passengers in your vehicle and save money by catching any damage before it becomes too expensive. If you have alloy wheels you do not even need to take the wheel off when you want to inspect the brakes, you can do it just by looking through the gaps. If you are not lucky enough to have alloy wheels then you will need to take the wheels off to perform the inspection.

Brake Discs

The first thing that you need to check is the brake discs. These should be shiny all the way around and fairly similar in appearance from top to bottom and front to back. You will need to watch out for any rough spots or distinct grooves on the surface of the disc. Both of these are signs that you will need to replace the disc brakes. Discs should be replaced in pairs to keep both sides the same and stop any problems with one side being more worn than the other.

Brake Pads

The next step in your brakes inspection is the brake pads. It might be a little awkward to see, but you need to try to move the wheel around so that you can see. The pads should be in contact with the disc and there should be at least 1/8” of pad remaining. If a pad has worn down below that depth then it is time to replace it. Again, you should replace your brake pads in pairs.

Brake Lines

The final step of your brake check should be the brake lines. Make sure you check any hard metal brake lines for corrosion and rubber coated lines should be soft and not hard and brittle. If there are any cracks or holes in the lines then they will need replacing.

Your brakes are an important part of your car and if they are not working properly then your car is unsafe to drive. You need to check them on a regular basis, preferably a couple of times a year. If you do find a problem with them, you can attempt the repairs yourself or you can consult an expert if you are unsure. If you look on, you can find an experienced local mechanic will be able to sort your brakes out for you. Remember, even if you do nothing else on your car, always check your brakes!

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