Auto / Car Detailing Shops in Toronto

Published: 05/08/2011 by AutoShopit

Car Detailing Shops in Toronto

Car Detailing Shops in Toronto

If you live in Toronto or the surrounding areas, you may have a hard time finding the right place to detail your vehicle. You can find Auto / car detailing shops in Toronto by searching for them online or asking around. If you are new to the Toronto area or just visiting you can visit a few places in the area and compare prices. You can also ask residents to suggest the best Auto / car detailing shops in Toronto. Other popular auto car services in this area have deals that include full service of the interior and exterior, works wash, VIP wash and express wash to residents of Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke. You can also visit car auto shop websites and get coupons for certain services. There are some places that take advantage of the different seasons and offer winter specials, packaged deals and also discounts to members of car clubs in that region.

Services offered

Auto / car detailing shops in Toronto usually offer a number of different services such as:

  • Auto detailing
  • Interior / Exterior Cleaning
  • Rust check
  • Wax and Shine

There are certain Auto / car detailing shops in Toronto that may offer more services and some that will offer less. There are certain shops in the Toronto area that offer different types of packages such as:

  • Silver package- this option starts at $150 and includes super hand wash, cleaning of rims, door jams and wheel wells along with an interior cleaning.
  • Gold package –starts from $200 and also includes everything in the silver package along with a high speed buff and polish and the removal of surface scratches.
  • Platinum package starts at $300 and includes the gold and silver package along with engine shampoo and the removal of grime and grease from the engine compartment.

There are many other reputable Auto / car detailing shops in Toronto. You can always find these places by checking online and visiting the websites to get information on the services offered. Some of these shops can be very low cost, but you have to be familiar with the area to find many of these places. You can find car wash services starting at $20.00 and interior and exterior detailing services starting from as low as $10.00.

If you need more information on auto maintenance the best place to visit is our car detailing listings.  Feel free to browse the services on the site, read customer reviews, search for a mechanic in your area or just get general information about how to care for your vehicle and keep it operating at its optimal level.

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