Basic Tools Every Auto Owner Should Have

Published: 10/22/2010 by AutoShopit

Basic Tools Every Auto Owner Should Have

Every auto owner should have a few basic automotive repair tools at their disposal; even if you don’t plan on tinkering with your car and prefer to leave the repairing to the experts, it is still best to have these essential car repair tools handy. You will never know when you will suddenly have a need for these tools, which will be very useful especially if your car needs a minor repair that will take just a few minutes of your time.  

There is no need to invest in complicated and extremely expensive gadgets that are seen in auto shops; as long as you have the basic car maintenance tools, you’re good to go. Keep in mind that these tools will be used for very minor auto issues – the more serious ones need to be left in the hands of expert car mechanics, to avoid the risk of further worsening the damage to your vehicle.

  • Jacks and Jack Stands – Working and checking on your car’s underside will be much easier (not to mention a lot safer) if it is elevated, and you would need a jack. It is a good idea to always have the jack in the car, as you won’t know when you will suddenly have a need for it – such as when you need to change a flat tire when help isn’t readily available (in this particular event, a spare tire would enable you to completely solve the problem in a matter of minutes). A jack stand can hold the whole vehicle in an elevated position while you check all the parts underneath, which can lead to fixing any minor issues in no time at all.
  • Socket Wrenches – No matter how big your vehicle is, it will always be made up of much smaller parts that will require a lot of effort to get to/remove/fix. This is especially true when you have to do check and work on the engine. Having a complete socket wrench set will allow you to get to the different sizes and types of bolts, and eventually loosen or tighten them as needed. In addition to the socket wrench set, you might also want to include a set of pliers to aid you in dealing with screws and wires.
  • Jumper Cables – These will come in handy when your car needs a boost to get it started; it is best to always have these cables in the car, so you can give the vehicle a welcome jumpstart just when it is needed.
  • Solid Vice Grips – There are times when car parts just won’t budge regardless of the amount of force you apply in loosening or tightening them, and here is where a pair of solid vice grips will come to your rescue.
  • Funnel – The funnel will come in handy when you need to refill the necessary auto fluids, and helps in ensuring that you have just the right amount of the said fluids for your vehicle to run as smoothly as possible. If you plan on changing the oil yourself, the funnel will also make the task a lot easier – and can save you a considerable amount of money compared to having the oil change done in auto shops.

Having the basic car maintenance tools will not only save you a lot of money on minor repairs – they can also save you from major inconveniences, especially in urgent cases when calling auto repair professionals are not possible. However, it is important not only to have these basic car repair tools handy – but to know how to correctly and effectively use them as well. With a little effort on your part, you can say goodbye to frequent trips to auto shops for minor repairs – and say hello to bigger savings, and a whole lot of self-fulfillment!

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