Car Air Conditioner Repair

Published: 02/17/2011 by AutoShopit

Car Air Conditioner Repair

There has been a great technological advancement in the field of cars. All car companies are trying to make driving as comfortable as possible. The car air conditioner provides you with a home-like feeling. It simply replaces the hot air in the car with cold fresh air from outside. The technology has reached so far that now days the car air conditioner maintains the temperature in such a way that it suits you and makes driving a very relaxing experience. Since it has become such an important commodity, you should be well informed about all the dos and the don’ts regarding air con repair

The primary requirement for the car air conditioner repair is that the user should be well informed about the workings of the car air conditioner and its parts. This will help in knowing the exact problems caused when a specific part of the car air conditioner stops working. So before you try to find out the problem and solution for it, make sure you know all the basics about car air conditioners.

Car Air Conditioner Problems

  1. Every car air conditioner has a serpentine belt, which provides power to the compressor. Hence if the belt is not able to provide power to the compressor, it cannot rotate. Hence inspect the belt and check if it needs repair.
  2. Check the compressor; this is done by turning on the car air conditioner and setting it to the coldest temperature. Then start the engine and keep it idle. Then check if the compressor is turning by opening the car hood. If it is not, then it needs to be repaired.
  3. The next important things to check are the fuses.  Change all the failed fuses and check the new fuses if they are working fine. If they are not, then there is a short-circuit which needs your attention. So refer to a technician that is good with fixing air conditioners in cars, find the short-circuit and get it repaired.
  4. Check if there is any type of refrigerant leak in the system. This is done by checking the pressure charge with the help of an ac gauge. If it is between 50psi to 80 psi then there is no leak. If not, check for a leak and fix it. There is special leak detector, which can help you do so.

If all the above tests fail, try to check the temperature control vents with the help of a technician. The best way to know that you need an air con repair is when your car does not cool fast.

Get the Best Air Conditioner Repair - Common Issues

All the above tips will help you to find out if your car air conditioner needs repair. In the case that these don’t work, we recommend advice from an expert in air conditioner repair. To get more advice on car air conditioner repair browse through our listings.

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