Car Service Guidelines - Why is it Important

Published: 02/02/2011 by AutoShopit

Car Service Guidelines

Car Service Guidelines

Each car comes with an owner manual that is loaded with lots of information on car care.  The manual outlines the importance of car maintenance, and how often services should be performed. Many car problems can be prevented if car owners follow the recommended car service guidelines.

Car service how often

Although makes and models may differ, the rule of thumb is to service your car every three months or 30,000 miles. The average car is built with parts intended to last for at least 100,000 miles. Some cars parts however, breakdown long before they reach the 100,000-mile marker. The breakdown is not a result of a poorly built car or parts. Often it is a result of unconcerned owners, who overlooked the requirements in the car service guidelines. Every car should be thoroughly serviced at least every 30,000 miles, or according to the car service guidelines.

Consequences of postponing car maintenance

Low Tire Pressure Causes Front End Problems

It is essential to change the tires as they become worn, and outdated. Bad tires have been the cause of many car accidents. Drivers ignore signs of shaky and uneven tire pressure. These are warning signs that the tires need to be changed, or serviced. Bad tires can also cause a car to burn more gas than usual.

Low Fluid Levels Can Cause Transmission and Engine Problems

Maintaining accurate fluid levels are essential to keeping a car running smoothly. It is recommended that the car service be performed how often it needs.  Low transmission fluid causes the car to drive slow and sluggish. Low oil affects the car in pretty much the same way, but no oil will lead to blown head gaskets. Head gaskets cost hundred if not thousands to repair. Be sure to check the water in the radiator, as well. Driving around with no water is dangerous. This will cause damage to the engine. Water needs to circulate throughout the engine to get it from overheating. The car service guidelines should be followed to make sure the accurate fluid weight is being added to the car.

Getting The Oil Changed Regularly Helps the Car Runs Smoother and Burn Less Gas

After a car has accumulated so many miles, it becomes necessary to change the oil, and filter. This preserves the life of the car, and keeps the car running smoothly. When the oil begins to look black and sluggish, that is the time to head over to the shop for an oil change.

Changing Spark Plugs and Wires Helps in Preventing Electrical Problems

Spark plugs and wires are the life of the engine. Bad spark plugs cause cars to burn more gas, and can be responsible for electrical fires. Over time spark plugs, become to misfire. These means the sometimes the engine may start and sometimes it will not. Bad spark plugs and wires are the cause of many electrical fires under the hood. Following the car service guidelines specifies car service how often a car needs to be completely serviced.

Keeping a car running smoothly may seem quite expensive for some people. For many people their car is their only means of transportation. That is why it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation; when it comes to getting the car service how often, it may need servicing. Getting an oil change every few months, replacing bad tires and replacing low fluids are all preventive car care measures. A car runs smoothly when the all parts on it, has been updated or replaced.

The most important thing to remember is to abide by the car service guidelines. Websites like provides guideline and offers one of the largest online mechanic directories on the web. The site answers questions like service car how often, signs of brake failure and how to flush radiator.  


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