Car Service

Published: 02/17/2011 by AutoShopit

Car Service

Growing up, I could never understand why taking our family car to be serviced was so important.  Now that I am older, I understand that your car is one of the most important investments made next to a home. No one would buy a home and never do any form of maintenance. Car service should be viewed in the same light. No matter how busy your schedule, finding time to get your car serviced is necessary. If the car is not maintained well, it may lead to some permanent damage, which in turn could cost you a lot of money.

When it comes to car service, most of the people avoid it because of its cost. However, if you know a few car service basics it could cost you much less. This also helps when you go for a car service as you are in a better position to seek or not to seek the car service advice prescribed by the mechanic. Hence, we discuss a few car service basics, which will help you during your car service.

Car Service Details

Some parts in the car require your special attention regularly. Knowing the car service basics will empower you with the information you need when you visit car service locations.

Parts That Need Regular Service

  1. Oil and spark plugs
    The main parts in a car service are oil filters and spark plugs. They are checked according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and replaced if necessary.
  2. Gearbox and clutch
    There is a problem in the gearbox when you have trouble changing from one gear to another. Likewise, if you feel that you have to push harder on the clutch, it needs to be serviced.
  3. Suspension
    When you drive, the suspension suffers road abuse. It makes the drive smooth despite the irregularities of the road. So eventually with time, it wears out. Therefore, when you notice that the suspension is making some sound, it needs servicing.
  4. Engine
    It should be regularly checked for any fluid leaks. These fluids are very dangerous as when they are exposed to brakes, the brakes stop working. If these fluids are left for a long time, they can affect other auto parts too.
  5. Brakes and shocks
    Brakes are used extensively during driving. They need to be in good shape to avoid auto body shop serious accidents. Hence, they should be checked regularly to avoid last minute trouble. Shocks protects the car from too much bouncing. If you think that your car is bouncing too much or has trouble turning corners, shocks need to be serviced.


What to Expect From a Car Service

The first important car service milestone comes when the car has travelled about 15,000 miles / 24,000 Km or after 1 year from purchasing. This service stop includes changing out oil and oil filters. In addition, in-cabin air-filters and engine air filters are also replaced. Wiper blades are also inspected during this service.

The next major car service is when the car has travelled about 30,000 miles / 48,000 km. All the instructions followed are same as the previous service. In addition to this, a new fuel filter is also added to ensure smooth functioning of the engine. At the same time engine coolant and other fluids are also changed.

The next car service is after 45,000 miles / 70,000 km, which includes replacement of spark plugs and brake fluid in addition to above maintenance. Special focus is given on the ignition system too.

When the car has traveled about 60,000 miles / 106,000 km, all the instructions in 30,000 miles / 48,000 km car service are repeated. In addition to this, the timing belt is also serviced.

Routine maintenance or car service is not a choice, as a car owner, but rather an obligation to prolong the life of your car. If you have not found the right service center to meet your needs websites like provides mechanic listings in your area and expert advice on car service basics.

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