Car Troubles Don't Always End Up Being Expensive

Published: 02/05/2011 by AutoShopit

Car Trouble Symptoms

Car Trouble Symptoms

If you own a car, then chances are you have or will experience some form of car trouble. Here are a few common causes of car trouble with simple techniques that your mechanic can find and fix.

Car Trouble Symptoms

Maintaining a vehicle can sometimes be very costly for the car owner, but car trouble is not always expensive. The key is to properly maintain the vehicle and ensure that it is always operating at its optimal level. This will eliminate many instances of car trouble and eliminate the costs associated with unexpected breakdowns.

The engine is the life of the vehicle and it requires constant attention because one problem with the engine can lead to a series of other issues. When you recognize certain car trouble symptoms at an early stage, you decrease the chances of other issues occurring. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Engine failure - this can be due to a dead battery and can be fixed with a jump start. If this does not work, then the problem may be as a result of corrosion or loose connection so check the battery cables.
  • Warning light car owners are sometimes alerted to possible mechanical failures by the brake light, oil light or engine light.
  • Unusual noises- sometimes you may hear a scraping or grinding sound when you press the brakes, this indicates car trouble. It is a sign that either the rotors or the brake -pads need changing and it is usually quite inexpensive to take care of these issues. If there is a ‘knocking’ sound coming from the vehicle, you might need to change your gasoline to a higher grade.
  • Unusual smells- you might also experience a ‘burning rubber’ smell and this is also and indicator that there car trouble. Check under the hood of the care because one of the belts might be broken.  If you smell gasoline, your fuel filter can be clogged and will not cost a lot of money to replace the filter.
  • Smokethis comes from the tailpipe and is blue, black or white. Blue smoke is a sign that there is a major problem with the vehicle so you should see a mechanic immediately. Black smoke can be due to sensors malfunctioning and white smoke means can be due to overheating. Smoke, in any color is undoubtedly a sign of car trouble.

There are many other symptoms of car trouble such as oil leaks or problems with the gear. However, the truth is that many of these can be eliminate if you properly take care of the vehicle. This means taking the car for a checkup every few weeks or as required based on the manual. The symptoms mentioned are not very expensive to fix, but recurring issues will not only damage the car, but will prove quite costly over time.

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