Cold Weather Driving Tips

Published: 02/05/2011 by AutoShopit

Cold Weather Driving Tips

Cold Weather Driving Tips

As winter pelts most of the world, many people prepare themselves with heavy coats and boots to protect them from the cold weather. However, they forget their car also needs some extra preparation and protection from the winter weather. The best cold weather driving tip is to avoid driving in harsh winter conditions. Try to postpone driving until all of the snow on the road is cleared. If you must drive in cold weather, you should be sure that your vehicle is prepared for a long winter drive and that you know all of the basic cold weather driving tips.

Cold Weather Driving Safety

Before driving, make sure you know all of the basic cold weather driving tips. While safety should be important throughout the year, a little more emphasis on cold weather driving safety would ensure that you drive safely in any harsh condition possible.

1.     Inspect the car

Before the winter hits, you should make sure that your car is well-prepared to face it. At the end of warmer months and before winter begins, check all the parts of your car with a mechanic. Cold weather driving safety can be ensured by following some precautions. Here are few things you need to inspect in a car.

  • The antifreeze level should be regularly checked. Antifreeze plays a vital role in protecting your car in the winter. It prevents enclosures from undergoing any deformation when water freezes to ice.
  • Tires should be checked. All-season radial tires are best suited for the winter months. Checking tires every week is a good cold weather driving tip.
  • Vehicle lights should be checked. Winters being mostly dark, so lights are important for visibility.
  • Wipers should be changed. Purchase new winter wiper blades with which you can drive through snow and ice year-round.
  • The wind-shield washer system should be cleaned. It is often blocked with some dust particles.

All of these tips will prepare your car and help in ensure your cold weather driving safety.

2.     Drive slowly

When driving on icy roads, make sure the speed is reduced by a good 50-60%, but at the same time, do not drive too slowly. You need proper momentum to drive through the snow.

3.     Learning to recover from skids

When the roads are icy, skids occur very often. Recovering from skids is also an important cold weather driving tip. When you break hard, the car skids. To recover from it, try to steer the vehicle in a direction you need your vehicle’s front to go, without applying breaks.

4.     General things you should do while driving

Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Carry along with you enough food to survive any long wait and eat a lot of food on your journey. Take many rest stops and try to stretch and relax a bit when you are on it.

The above tips about driving in cold weather will ensure your cold weather driving safety. Any more cold weather driving tips can help you. Sites like have expert mechanics to advise you on more important precautions. Try to seek their advice. We hope that with the above cold winter driving tips, you will drive safely this winter.



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