Engine Problem Symptoms - What to Listen For

Published: 02/02/2011 by AutoShopit

Engine Problem Symptoms - What to Listen For

Engine Problem Symptoms - What to Listen For

Does your car idle rough or stall regularly? Poor acceleration and fuel economy could be the signs of imminent engine problems. Here is a list to explain engine problem symptoms, and how to listen out for them.

 The engine is a very complicated piece of machinery that no car can function without. Many parts under the hood rely on each other for maximum support. When a part is in trouble it takes a toll on the other parts inside the engine, and multiple engine problem symptoms starts to develop. This can be devastating (both) on the car and on the pocket book. At the first sign of trouble, these necessary steps should be taken.

Engine Repair Advice

Why Won’t the Engine Start?

The engine not starting could be due to several things. Before looking for a mechanic, seek some sound, and cheap engine repair advice, from a reliable source. The most common cause of an engine not starting is cold weather. When the weather is extremely cold, gasoline does not evaporate as it should, oil becomes stiff and syrupy, and batteries produce less electrons. When any one of these problems exists in singular or combination mode, the engine will definitely not fire up so easily.

What Is That Noise I Hear Under the Hood?

Engines by nature are not normally noisy. When unfamiliar sounds are heard take precaution, stop, or pull over this is a sure tell sign that something is not right. If a loud gunfire sound comes from under the hood, while the car is in motion, could mean the engine is misfiring. This will cause the vehicle to speed up and then stall, or decelerate in speed.

Where to Find Accurate Engine Repair Advice

The best engine repair advice comes from certified mechanics or a fix it yourself car manual. A good mechanic will walk the car owner through various simple steps, before encouraging them to bring their car in for repairs. Car owners can eliminate the cause of engine problem symptoms by having their engine serviced periodically.  An engine, which is serviced regularly, has fewer problems; runs better, and last longer. There are some engine preventative- maintenance tasks, that individuals can do themselves. The service guide manual provides step-by-step instructions, on simple engine repairs such as changing the spark plugs, or changing the oil.

What Makes the Engine Drag When I Turn the Ignition

A car that is choking while driving, or will not stay running could mean a clogged fuel filter, or a clogged carburetor. This sound is easy to distinguish. It sounds like the car is choking or grasping for air. A carburetor is found on older model cars, and is simple to fix. Usually opening up the choke and pouring a little gasoline inside does the trick, and changing out the filter is also recommended.

The Engine Light is On What Does That Mean

The engine light is the first indicator to a car owner that signifies something is wrong. When the driver sees this light, he or she knows that engine problem symptoms are occurring, and the engine needs to be checked immediately. Many car owners ignore this light, thinking it just a malfunction in the system. Some newer model, car engine lights will indicate whether the car needs oil, or need servicing. Engine warning lights should never be dismissed under any circumstances.

Cars do speak when they have a problem, but it is up to the owners to listen, and take action. Recognizing the different sounds, that come from an engine will save thousands of dollars in repair bills, and perhaps extend the life of the engine.

The best place to visit for good and sound mechanical advice is www.autoshopit.com . They have a large directory of trained and certified mechanics that can answer any question. Customers are given the sound probabilities while investigating engine problem symptoms. Engine repair advice is readily available on oil changes, tire pressure, and preventative and maintenance care as well. No question is too small, or too large for the mechanicals listed on our site.


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