Hand Wash vs Automated Car Washes

Published: 12/16/2010 by Richard Ramsuchit


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 When the cold winter days approach us, we think last about washing our vehicles. Yes, in these busy times, between work, family and the holiday season, a clean car is the least of our worries, yet we should not take the easy way out. A discount on a car wash at a gas station seems good, but what about your vehicle's paint? fill you gas, get a dollar or two off a wash and run it through before you get into the office.


Sure you want to do that? Many of these gas stations do not maintain or clean the brushes that wash your vehicle, especially high volume car washes that promote quick detailing. Why clean their brushes and stop production, just run the next one through! Many vehicles endure swirl mark or spiderweb scratches on their vehicle after excess use of these automated car washes.


A simple hand wash and dry is affordable, and is benefitial - if done right! If the wash mitt is soft and clean, if the soap is mild and safe for clearcoats and if the chamois used to dry down is soft as well. Many quick washes through automated washes, use a towel full on lint and dirty to wipe off excess water after the blower does a crappy job.


Also in the winter with these Canadian roads and salt trucks pouring excessive salt, the build up on your vehicle can eventually cause corrosion over long periods, a simple wash once a week can be benefitial and help prevent that. Who want's to stand at the coin-op and put toonies into the machine while your fingers feel like they will fall off.

We specialize in Hand Washing and drying, with soft mitts, mild soaps which carry wax particles in the mixture. Our chamois used absorb alot of water and are soft and cleaned after each wash. Drop the chamois or wash mitt by mistake? you can ensure us washing it again before it hits your vehicle. Guaranteed Hand Wash 100%.

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