How to Avoid Costly Repairs

Published: 03/14/2011 by AutoShopit

How to Avoid Costly Repairs

How to Avoid Costly Repairs

Read our guide for tips on car maintenance, repair and how you can avoid costly car repairs.

Common Costly Car Mistakes

If you are a car owner chances are, you have spent a large chunk of money on maintenance and repairs. However, this does not have to be as expensive as you think. There are cost effective ways of ensuring that your vehicle gets the proper care and maintenance without breaking the bank. You’ve probably been making some simple yet costly mistakes that are easily fixed. If you’re not getting the necessary preventative tune ups, but instead you end up waiting until there is a problem with the vehicle, you are doing yourself a disservice. This is a common problem and you may think you are saving money by not taking your car to an auto mechanic for a checkup, but you will spend more as you will have to pay for larger and more auto repairs in the long run.

Avoiding Costly Car Repairs

There are certain aspects of the vehicle that you should check on a regular basis to avoid regular purchases of auto parts or costly auto repairs, they are:

  • Transmission fluid- this should be every 5000 km / 3000 miles to avoid premature transmission failure. This is very important because the transmission is one of the most expensive parts in the vehicle and can be quite costly if it requires certain types of auto repairs.
  • Oil change – this is a simple method and is quite inexpensive, check with your manual to see how often your car’s oil should be changed. Auto shops will charge anywhere from 20- 30 dollars for this service.
  • Brakes- this is the most integral part of the vehicle and problems in this area can result in a life or death situation.  Change your brake fluid every other year or as is required.
  • Fuel filter- if this does not function properly it can cause jamming, clogging or even engine failure.

Finding a Local Repair Expert

You need to find a dependable car mechanic that will inspect your vehicle on a regular basis and ensure that it is running the way it should. It can be quite hard to find reputable services for auto repairs, but you can always ask around or get suggestions from family and friends. The internet can also be a great source of help in this department, you will find an exhausting list of options and your job will be to narrow down your top choices. You will then need to do a little research on your favorite auto garages to see if they have the necessary qualifications and certificates required by your province. You should visit your top choices and talk to the person in charge so you get a feel of the environment. Ask about price and compare them with others in the area. You should also take you car to one or two places for minor auto repairs to see if you are satisfied with the quality of the service. Ask as many questions as possible until you feel reassured.

One of the best ways to distinguish the good mechanics from the bad ones is to use review sites like  If you are searching for a mechanic in your area you will not be disappointed by the options that are available and you will find all the information necessary to make the right choice. By reading customer ratings, personal stories, and comments it becomes easier to tell who will treat you right and deserve your trust.


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