How to Change Car's Motor Oil

Published: 02/05/2011 by AutoShopit

How Often Should You Change Car Oil?

How Often Should You Change Car Oil?

Car owners tend to concentrate on the more complex aspect of a vehicle and overlook minor details such as changing the cars motor oil. This is very essential because regular oil changes can increase your car’s engine life.

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary tools required for the oil change. These include an oil funnel, pan, wrench, and an oil filter wrench. If you are not able to fit under the car, you will also need a pair of metal ramps.
  • When you have all the necessary tools, park the car on a surface enough to allow the oil to drain completely.
  • To make the process easier, open the hood of the car, locate the oil filter cap on top of the engine and open it. This allows the oil to drain easier since the air can flow in as the crankcase is draining.
  • Locate the drain –plug which is on the bottom of the oil pan to catch oil runoff. It is generally located towards the back of the engine.
  • Use the wrench to loosen the drain plug by turning it counter clockwise; as soon as the plug is loose enough use your hand to completely remove the plug.
  • Once the plug is removed there will be a rush of oil, when all the oil is removed, replace the drain plug on the oil pan.
  • Use the oil filter wrench to remove the seal/gasket and oil filter.
  • With your finger use a little of the oil and coat the new oil filter gasket, this will prevent the ring from getting stuck to the filter mount.
  • Tighten the new filter then add the new oil to your car.

How Often Should You Change Car Oil?

The previous steps on how to change cars motor oil illustrated the simplicity of the process. Now the question is how often should you change car oil? And the answer is that there is not a set time requirement for this. However, most mechanics recommend every three months or every 5000 km (3000 miles), to be sure you should check your car manual as the time-frame usually varies depending on the model and year of the car. There are many benefits of changing the oil in your vehicle and now that you know how to change cars motor oil on your own you will begin to see and feel the difference in your car.

Clean oil allows for a cleaner running engine and longer engine life. Two of the main causes of engine failure are due to wear and friction, regular oil changes reduce these issues. It also allows the car to have a better gas mileage and better engine performance. Although you may know how to change cars motor oil yourself, you may not have the time or energy, if this is the case you can always find a great mechanic on our site with listings of almost all the mechanics across Canada. You will be able to easily locate mechanics in your area and you can view their ratings and customer feedback before deciding on the best one for the job!




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