How to Fix Your Wheel Alignment/Bad Wheel Alignment

Published: 03/11/2011 by AutoShopit

How to Fix Your Wheel Alignment/Bad Wheel Alignment

How to Fix Your Wheel Alignment/Bad Wheel Alignment

When you drive into something it affects your wheel alignment, find out how and where you can repair bad wheel alignment.

A vehicle requires constant care and maintenance in order to keep it at its optimal performance. One of the maintenance requirements necessary for your vehicle is checking the wheel alignment, which helps to prolong the life of your tires and makes the steering wheel easier to handle. A vehicle can become misaligned by running over a pothole or a curb, rough gravel roads can also contribute to this problem. However, factors that are more complicated can cause this issue. If there is a problem with the toe settings, you may be able to fix the wheel alignment problems yourself.

How to Fix Bad Wheel Alignment

  • Find information either online or in the car manual regarding the proper toe setting of the vehicle.
  • Jack up the car and shake each wheel in order to check their stability; if the wheels are loose you will need to adjust the components for proper wheel alignment.
  • Mark the circumference of each tire with a pocketknife then take the car off the jack stands.
  • Push down on the fender a few times to let the vehicle ‘settle’.
  •  Make sure that the car is in neutral then loosen up the steering wheel.
  • Without holding the steering, try to push the car a few feet forward.
  • Use a piece of string or a measuring tape to get the distance of the line marks on the front of all four tires.
  • If the front measurement is smaller than the back then you must change the setting to the ones recommended in the manual.

The Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment

There are several other factors that can cause a bad wheel alignment apart from just the toe settings. There can also be a problem with the caster and this refers to the angle of the steering axis from the side view of the vehicle. If the castor setting is incorrect, it can cause the vehicle to pull and it also affects the speed of the steering wheel. Another problem that can affect the wheel alignment is the camber; this is designed to accommodate the weight of the car’s passengers, road crown and the overall weight of the vehicle.

Camber in simple terms is how vertical the wheel of the vehicle is, in relation to the ground. This can be affected if the ball joints become loose, if the control arm bushings are worn or if the wheel bearings are not properly adjusted. There are numerous benefits for your vehicle and for your own safety to ensure proper wheel alignment. The car will be easier to navigate; there will be no pull or vibration when you are driving and you will have a more comfortable ride overall.

It is essential that you check your vehicle as often as possible to ensure proper wheel alignment. If you have trouble finding a suitable mechanic you can simply search our database, which will help you avoid wasting time seeking a mechanic to perform your wheel alignment. You will find the best mechanics in your area, you will also get to read reviews by other customers and view the ratings before you make a choice.



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