How to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

Published: 05/12/2011 by AutoShopit

How to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

How to Get a Collision Repair Estimate

Determining how to get a collision repair estimate is one of the first things to consider when sending your car for repair. Before any auto collision repair shop can actually start repairing your car, a collision repair estimate must be done in order for you so you can agree on a price.

A collision repair estimate is an expert’s approximation on how much the entire repair process would cost you. There are several steps in determining how to get a collision repair estimate. The following lists the steps you need to take in order to jumpstart the restoration of your car:

Decide on how badly your car is damaged

Take note of every detail in your car, wiring, bumps, scratches, broken lights and others. A lot of the job in the restoration involves very minimal damages, oftentimes easy to overlook. Then again, as small as the damage may be, prices for repair can go beyond what you are expecting

Estimate the cost

There are two ways to create your estimate. You may consult an expert, whom you trust and ask him how much it would cost you to repair the damage. Another option is to get online and find an online calculator that would instantly give you the collision repair estimate. The problem with online estimates is that it cannot guarantee that a collision repair shop will honour the estimate.

Discuss the Costs with Auto Parts dealers

Here you will be able to find the lowest prices for the parts that you need to replace in your car. This is extra work and may take a lot of time but it will definitely save a lot of dollars in the end. It’s definitely worth it.

Call the insurance company. Getting insurance is helpful in order to reduce the costs of car repair. Then again, depending on the type of insurance, the coverage might not be able to cover all of the damage or may only guarantee service at certain collision repair shops. For this reason, you should ask your insurance adjuster for a list of approved body shops that you may visit.

Determine if the Repairs can be Done by You

If the damage is minimal, you can save thousands of dollars by just doing the restoration yourself. Special skills might be handy in this case.

The price it would cost for you to restore your mildly damaged car can be surprising. That is why it would help if you know how to get a collision repair estimate so you will be able to prepare yourself of the cost rather than just getting shocked with the bill. Another advantage in getting a collision repair estimate is you it would somehow be equipped in spotting scams or shops that are overpricing.

If you questions about how to get a collision repair estimate, finding a good auto collision repair shop or anything you need to know about cars and car maintenance, you should browse our directory of trusted collision repair specialists. While visiting, you may also read comments and suggestions from other customers. These reviews are very useful in finding the right collision repair shop.


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