How to Make Your Engine Last Longer

Published: 02/02/2011 by AutoShopit

How to Make Your Engine Last Longer

How to Make Your Engine Last Longer

The engine is the largest, and most expensive piece of machinery, under the hood of the car. When the engine is not properly cared for; the car runs rough, extra gas is burned, and a major disaster is not far behind. One of the biggest unnecessary expenses a car owner can have is an engine overhaul. Here are the top 10 things that outlines how to make your engine last longer.

How Long Does an Engine Last?

The life of your engine is up to you. If you love your car, you will treat its engine to some tender loving care throughout its lifetime. Give your car a complete overhaul. This means changing out every old and worn out part under the hood of the car, that is connected to the engine. This also means replacing old fluids to prevent the engine from becoming sluggish. How long does the engine last will depend on what type of care the car owner provides.

Change the Oil

The most important part of preventative care for an engine is getting the oil changed. Most car manufacturers recommend that car owners change their engine oil every three months, or every 3,000 miles. Car owners don’t always follow that recommendation.

Change the Spark Plugs

Leaving bad spark plugs and worn out wires in place is a potential fire hazard. This often leads to electrical fires, or other engine damage, which is avoidable. Changing out these parts will help the engine last longer. Bad spark plugs and wires cause the engine to skip and sometimes misfire. Many fires can be blamed on worn out spark plugs and damaged wires, that car owners often neglect.

Replace the Distributor Cap

When most people tune their cars up the distributor cap is often forgotten. They feel that the distributor cap doesn’t go bad, but that’s not true. Replacing the distributor cap helps the engine last longer in a major way. The distributor cap or rotor button sends electrical currents or impulses to the spark plugs. This fires up the engine and causes it to go.

Replace the Air Filters

Clean air filters keep dirt and other contaminants away from the engine, and helps the engine to breathe. Clogged air filters minimize the life of the engine. Allowing air to move freely about in the engine helps the engine last longer, they only cause problems. The best air filters to buy are the reusable ones.

Check Water Coolant Level

Keeping anti-freeze in the radiator keeps it from overheating in the summer months, and from freezing up in the winter months. Make sure the air conditioner has the proper amount of anti-freeze also. Be sure to check all hoses that lead to and from the radiator for signs of leaks or other damage.

Check the Water in the Radiator

Keeping water in the radiator keeps the engine from overheating. Water circulates through the radiator and engine keeping the engine block from overheating. If the engine becomes to hot it can cause serious damage to the head gaskets. Don’t drive the car without water-very important.

Flush the Radiator

Flushing out the radiator frees the radiator from rust build up. The rust is normally brownish in color. There is always a possible of holes in the radiator, which in turn can cause damage to the engine. How long does an engine last is up to the car owners. Old fluids left in radiators can cause the engine to overheat as bad fluid contaminates the engine circulatory system.

 Change Sticky Thermostats

Changing a bad thermostat is important in preventing overheating. A thermostat that fails to open and close properly should be replaced immediately. A sticky thermostat is the cause of many blown head gaskets, and busted engine blocks.

Get a Complete Tune-up

Changing all the minor parts on the engine, prevents the major parts from going bad. As a car owner, it is important to preserve the life of your engine. There is no definitive answer to how long does an engine last. At every customer can get answers to important questions like these. Knowledgeable and certified mechanics are available to answer simple or complicated questions. Customers can visit the website and leave an email, or they can call and talk to someone personally. The answer you’re looking for is just a click away.



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