How to Repair Bad Car Scratches

Published: 02/17/2011 by AutoShopit

How to Repair Bad Car Scratches

A car is generally one of the most important possessions in life. It has even been said that you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive. Therefore, the appearance of your car is crucial. Often we try to make sure that it is parked in a safe place, from all kinds of bumps, dings and scratches caused shopping carts or other cars.

Even with all these precautions, we regularly find ourselves at the auto body shop, trying to repair bad car scratches. Repairing theses small scratches can sometimes cost you a lot of money. In fact, most of the auto body shop’s profits come from car scratch repair. Scratches are different in size and depth and each requires a specific type of treatment for repair.

Car Scratch Repair

Before you visit an auto body shop to repair bad car scratches, you should be well aware of the types of scratches. This will help you figure out if the solution prescribed by the auto body shop is correct or not. Another thing about scratches is that they can have multiple types and hence can consist of both mild and severe parts.

Types of car scratches

  1. Scratch on clear coat
    Clear coat is the layer, which protects the paint of your car. When the scratch penetrates only this layer, it is known as the clear coat scratch. These types of scratches are very light and none of the underlying bare metal is visible in them.

  2. Scratch on primer
    The layer below the clear coat is the primer. When the scratch is severe enough to penetrate the clear coat and damage the primer, it is called the primer scratch. These scratches are deep enough that when you run your fingernails on them, they get stuck. Even though the bare metal is not visible, they are generally grey in color which is the color of the primer.
  3. Scratch on bare metal
    In these types, the scratch penetrates both the clear coat and primer layers and affects the bare metal of the body of the car. In these scratches, both the clear coat and the primer paints are not visible and when you run your fingernails over them, they get buried deep inside them.

Repairing your car scratches

After knowing all the types of scratches, you are in a better position to repair bad car scratches. The first thing before you start with the actual car scratch repair is to wash the scratch portion thoroughly with soap and water, so that the scratch becomes clearly visible and if it is only on the clear coat, it is washed away. If the scratch is deeper, then you will need to sand down the paint surrounding the scratch so that both are at the same level.

The best method to repair bad car scratches is to use smooth sandpaper dipped in cold water. Adding few drops of dish detergent will make it slippery. Mark the scratch with a contrasting color before you begin the process to know when to stop sanding. When the mark disappears, you stop sanding. Next, dry the surface and polish it using some polishing compound. Use a soft pad to remove all marks. The remaining coarse elements are removed by using a soft cloth. Wash it with water and feel the scratches with car wax.

Since the process to repair bad car scratches is complex, it is better to use a professional. can provide you with listings whose expert advice on how to repair scratches can solve your problems.  


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