New Technologies Improving the Safety of Cars

Published: 05/13/2011 by AutoShopit

New Technologies Improving the Safety of Cars

New Technologies Improving the Safety of Cars

Every year manufacturers design new technologies improving the safety of cars, for drivers and their passengers. With the constant evolution of technology, learn the newest safety features on the market.

The need to be safe has always been at the back of every parent’s mind as the keys are handed over to their teenagers. Car manufacturers in conjunction with transportation authorities aim to make this transaction less dramatic by developing means of keeping drivers, pedestrians, and passengers safer while driving.

New Technology Safety Features

Smart Seat Belts Save lives

Fundamentally, research shows one of the most essential safety features installed in any car is the seatbelt. Despite the ongoing feud, studies have proved that seat belts saved lives and lawmakers have demanded that drivers and passengers both wear them for their own protection. In older model cars, possibly a seatbelt light illuminated when the car started as a reminder to fasten you seatbelt. In new model cars, there is a warning light and audible reminders when the belt is not fastened for the driver. In some vehicles, the car measures the weight of the passenger seat to decide if there is a passenger in the vehicle. If the car determines there is a passenger, warning light and audible reminders to buckle up will alert the passenger.  

In addition, newly designed safety belts automatically controls how tight the seat belt becomes during a crash. The tightening device is on the seat belt itself. The new smart seat belt design minimizes worries about being “trapped” in a vehicle during an accident.


The new Dual stage air bag is the ultimate life saving system. This new system of airbag deployment is one of the new technologies improving the safety of cars. Up to six different airbags are deployed in the vehicle depending on the crash site. The car takes into consideration the speed a person is going upon impact.

Rollover air bags are another life saving technology that drivers can appreciate. The most important feature the airbags offer is complete head protection with the use of side air bags. In many accidents drivers and passenger sustain severe head injuries. They also offer protection from broken and shattered glass, that usually causes damage to certain parts of the body. The other feature that Rollover airbags offer is rollover protection. It helps to eliminate the process of passengers being thrown out of a car in the event of rollovers.


Electronic Stability Control or ESC

Electronic Stability Control is another one of the new technologies improving the safety of cars. ESC is a system that helps drivers maintains control of their steering wheel. When drivers have to perform a life saving maneuver they sometime lose control of their steering ability. This device assists the driver by keeping the car from spinning out of control. The ESC will enable braking power if needed.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems is a device with a warning light. It is located on the dashboard for easy viewing. When a tire has low pressure it is subject to a possible blowout. The alert activates when the tire pressure falls below the recommended factory pressure. The signal sends an alert when the pressure falls below 25 percent of the required air pressure requirement. Many on the road accidents occur due to under inflated tires. This new technology will save many lives on the highway.

Automatic Parking and Other Sensors

Some of the new cars also have new technologies that make things like parallel parking easier either through cameras or sensors that the driver uses, or even has the ability for the car to self-park.  These technologies are making the driver more aware of objects outside of the car and can be invaluable in preventing accidents.  

The new technologies improving the safety of cars will continue to evolve as technology advances. If they could only figure out a way to make a car that doesn’t need regular maintenance or repairs, but unfortunately until then we have to find trusted auto mechanics to keep our vehicles on the road. 


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