Reasons Your Car Overheats - What To Look Out For

Published: 02/05/2011 by AutoShopit

Reasons Your Car Overheats

Reasons Your Car Overheats

When a car has overheating problems that is usually an indicator, that something is wrong. It is worth knowing the reasons why your car overheats. In most cases, it is easy to find the problem, and cure your overheating. Several causes could be a result of a mal distributing factor. In any case, it is not good to ignore your car overheating symptoms. Here are some guidelines to find the cause.

Reasons Your Car Overheats

Start With the Basics First

Always start with the most obvious first, then work your way up to the major concerns. Some apparent causes are easy to spot such as, no water in the radiator, or a ruptured hose. For problems that are not easily visible an expert or mechanic should be consulted.

Check the Hoses

A small leak in the radiator hose can cause a lot of steam to rise from under the hood of the car. Small leaks are easy to spot, you can see a small vapor of steam or a small stream of water trickling from the damaged site. There are several hoses under the hood of a car, and all of them should be checked thoroughly. Even if the hose is not damaged it could be loose which may also be a distributing cause to at least one of the reasons why your car overheats.

Check the Radiator

Bad radiators and defective radiator caps are other reasons your car overheats. Your car must maintain a set pressure level that helps the engine perform better. A damaged radiator leaks water constantly, and the water amount of water is not circulating through the engine. This is bad, and if it is not corrected the results often lead to a blown head gasket, in which case the car owner is looking at hundreds of dollars in repair charges.

Car Overheating Symptoms

  • Temperature gauge rises
  • Engine starts to idle
  • Smoke or Steam is seen visibly escaping the engine
  • Car a “rattle” sound is heard from the engine
  • Car stalls

Many times the obvious is the most overlooked. A shortening in the fan electrical could be the problem. A faulty wire will not allow the cooling fan to properly switch on and off when it needs to.

Regardless to reasons your car overheats, it must be fixed. This is the perfect time to call the car experts that are listed on our site. They will help you figure out the reasons your car overheats. Don’t wait until your car blows a head gasket, use preventive measures as soon as possible. The website has certified, and qualified mechanics that will answer all your questions, and put your mind at ease. 

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