Transmission Repair Costs

Published: 05/17/2011 by AutoShopit

Transmission Repair Shops in Toronto

Transmission Repair Shops in Toronto

It is very expensive to repair your car’s transmission, so you need to take good care of it to avoid paying high transmission repair costs. Unfortunately, even if you treat your transmission with constant tender loving care, eventually you might have a problem that will require a visit to the auto shop.

The bill will comprise several elements, all of which will cost you dollars! Before you hire a mechanic to repair your car, seek out at least two estimates and compare the prices. If they are wildly different, ask a third to find the most reasonable costs.

Perform Diagnostics and Investigate

Most good shops will not charge you for an initial investigation, but most will charge for a more thorough diagnostic investigation. The shop should advise you of the estimated cost of the investigation before they start it. You will pay anything up to about $150 for a mechanic to diagnose the transmission fault.

Your car might also require an internal inspection of the transmission to determine the exact fault. This is often called remove and inspect (R&I) or remove and replace (R&R) and will cost between $350 and $750.

Replacement Parts

If you need any new parts for your car, it will really bump up the cost of the repair. The price of your parts will vary according to the make and model of the car, with some premium makes costing a lot more. You might be able to save some money on parts if you buy used parts from a breaker.

In addition to the main parts are the extra bits and pieces that the mechanic will need to finish the job. This will include any consumables like air filters and replacing the transmission fluid.

Depending on your vehicle, the parts will cost somewhere between $600 and $1,500 with extra on top if the casing is damaged. To flush and replace the transmission fluid is an extra $80 - $300 extra.

Labor Costs

The other major component of the bill is the labor charge for the repair work. Different garages will charge different rates for labor depending on the skills and experience of the mechanics and the going rate for mechanics in the local area. The typical labor costs to rebuild a transmission will range from $1,200 up to $2,000. This will vary with the vehicle make and model, and the location of the shop.


Do not forget that in some areas you will also have taxes added on top of the bill. This can increase your transmission repair costs by several percent.

The total charge to rebuild a transmission system for a car will cost anything between $1,800 and $3,800, with labor. This is a significant amount of cash for a repair so it is always best to perform regular preventative maintenance to try to reduce the chance of your transmission failing.

Repairing a transmission fault is an expensive business and it is one beyond the reach of most amateur mechanics. If you have a transmission problem then you will need the help of a qualified local mechanic. Simply search through our database for all your car transmission repair needs.

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