Types of Car Window Tints Available

Published: 03/08/2011 by AutoShopit


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Window tinting can help keep a car cool, keep sun out of the eyes of the driver and passengers. Learn about the various types of auto tints available.

Auto Tinting Services

There are a number of different reasons why you may choose window tints for your car. You may simply think that it makes the vehicle look edgy or stylish or it can be for practical reasons. Car window tinting can be used to block the sun from your eyes and it can also help keep the car cool. If you live in an area that is generally sunny this may be a good choice for you. Today many vehicles are sold with the windows already tinted, but this is not always the case so if you require this service you need to find a location for your auto tinting services. You really need to find a service that has experience in this area because some cars are harder to tint than others. The price quote for this service will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have, Volkswagens or corvettes will attract a higher cost because rear windows are steep and curved.

Types of Window Tints Available

There are different types of window tints to choose from such as:

  • Hybrid film has great UV blocking capabilities, but it has less of a tinted look than many of the other options because it allows more light to come in.
  • Deposited film is one of the most inexpensive window tints on the market. The process involves a vacuum-sealed tank that contains metals; the heated gas in the tank allows the metals to create a dark surface when the film is coated.
  • Dyed film is another cheap option; the film is dyed to block heat from entering the vehicle and is applied to the inside of the window. However, if low quality dye is used the process can fade within a few months.
  • Sputtered film does not use pigments or dyes and the metals that are used in this process will not oxidize.

There are advantages and disadvantages to most of the options that are available. Many people opt for the cheaper option, but you may end up spending more in the long run because you will have to redo the window tints every few months. Sometimes it’s better to save the required amount and get the job done right which will save you a lot in the long run. However, if you are applying auto tints for style purposes, it may be smart to choose a cheaper option in case you change your mind and want a different look.

Before you make a choice, research all the necessary options and their purposes and try to get a few price quotes from reputable dealers. If you are not sure about the type of window tints that will look best on your vehicle, let a mechanic offer some expert advice. There are laws in different provinces and countries that relate to tinting so it is important to find out the required rules and regulations for your city. In some areas little to no tinting is allowed and you can get a ticket for having very dark window tints.

If you’re looking to have your windows tinted, search through our extensive database of auto shops that specialize in window tinting.  You will have plenty of options to choose from and will also be able to read reviews and feedback from other customers. Why wait? Start now and you will never again have to worry about finding a great auto shop for your window tints!


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