Using New or Used Car Parts: What’s the Difference?

Published: 10/22/2010 by AutoShopit

Using New or Used Car Parts: What’s the Difference?

When you buy a new car, all of its parts are fresh from the factory, new and in perfect condition. You cannot question the quality of these parts as they are designed perfectly for your vehicle. After some time, when your vehicle starts to grow older these new parts needs replacement. Would you still want to buy a new one or use a part that has been used and just restored? There are many car parts that can be sold as either new or remanufactured. Catalytic converters, A/C compressors, starters, alternators, distributors, ignition modules, steering racks, brake calipers, drive shafts, and even complete engines are offered in new or remanufactured conditions.

Defining these two part conditions first. New parts are the once that you will be the first one to use fresh from the factory to the distributor. Remanufactured, rebuilt, reconditioned, restored, or used parts whatever you want to call it are parts that have been used in vehicles and have been repaired and installed with some new components and restored to perfectly working conditions.

For quality conscious car owners, brand new car parts are perhaps unquestionable when it comes to their performance and service life. Aside from good performance, new car parts also enhance the look of the vehicle. Also, if you don’t worry about the cost at all, maybe new car parts are the best option for you.

On the other hand, car parts these days are getting pricier and pricier. This is where remanufactured car parts have their edge against new ones. Remanufactured parts cost almost 50 percent less than new parts. When it comes to quality, these parts won’t be sold in the market if it hasn’t been quality tested. They are said to be remanufactured to meet or even exceed the specifications of OEMS. At some aspect, depending on the manufacturer, there are instances when remanufactured are better than new parts. Some people may have negative idea about remanufactured parts. Since they have been used they can’t guarantee the kind of service new ones can give. This idea might be wrong if the manufacturer of these rebuilt parts really value quality even if they are selling used parts to the market.

Some Parts are Better New Then Used

Are there situations when new parts are better than remanufactured? Or vica versa?

When remanufactured parts like alternators and A/C compressors are not offered with long warranties, go for their new alternatives. Also, some parts like head gaskets, fuel pumps, brake pads, or spark plugs are not offered in refurbished conditions so they are best purchased as new.

Transmission and complete engine replacements are extremely costly. Maybe if these parts are the ones that need replacements already, going for remanufactured parts will mean thousands of dollar savings. During the remanufacturing process, the faults in the previous design of the parts are fixed so the user won’t have to face the same problem as the old one. You also have to think that its replacement needs the work of your mechanic that also costs a lot. Well, if you don’t mind the thousands of dollars you’ll lose when you buy a new set of transmissions or engines, go for brand new parts. Another thing to worry about buying a new one is that, when you buy something exactly the same as the one you replaced, you may also experience the same flaws in its design.

Now you have a better understanding of the differences between new and used car parts so you can make a better buying decision.  To get those new or used car parts properly installed, find a local car repair specialist that you can trust.

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