When Should You Replace Your Shocks

Published: 03/05/2011 by AutoShopit

When Should You Replace Your Shocks

When Should You Replace Your Shocks

Shocks play such a crucial role in your everyday driving. Learn some pointers on how to maintain your shocks and the telltale signs they need replacing.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. In this sense, it is better to maintain your car shocks rather than replacing your shocks. Every time you visit your mechanic for an oil change, ask your mechanic to check the suspension system. He will check for housing leaks, dents in shocks, the mountain bushings rubber and other small aspects which can lead to larger damage. However, you should definitely replace your shocks when your smooth ride is now bumpy and no longer the sweet ride you remember.  

Why Should You Replace Worn Shocks?

The quality of your drive depends upon the suspension of the car. High horsepower in your car is of no use if your car does not have good suspension. Car shocks provide this suspension. It works to increase the friction between the road surface and the tire, so that driver can control the car properly even at high speeds. All the roads have irregularities. The role of the suspension is to control the car when in hits a bump. Since good suspension is needed for smooth driving, you must maintain it well and replace worn shocks as soon as possible.

There are however many other symptoms which tell you to replace worn shocks. Some of them are discussed below:

Signs of Worn Shocks

  1. Not a Smooth Ride
    Shocks are an integral part of the suspension system and if they are in a bad condition the whole suspension system fails to protect your car from all the irregularities of the road. Hence, even small bumps give a bad riding experience as compared to the one with good shocks. When the shocks of the car are worn out, even small bumps give you a bumpy experience. This is when you have to replace worn shocks. In simple words, the car will be jerkier with worn car shocks. Hence, you should check and replace worn shocks.
  2. Problems with Steering
    The suspension helps in controlling the friction between the road and tire surfaces. This friction is important to make steep turns on the corners. Bad shocks cannot provide this and hence there will be steering problems when you are trying to turn. This tells you that you need shock replacement.
  3. Height Difference on Sides
    When the car shocks are worn out, it causes the car to sag. Checking the difference in the height of your vehicle on all the sides can determine if there is sag. If there is a good amount of difference in height, then chances are that you need worn shock replacement.

    There are other symptoms also, that tell you to replace worn shocks. However, the most common are discussed above. The important thing is to replace worn shocks when you notice it and not to cut corners when you have bad shocks

    Shocks need your special attention; they make the difference in the quality of your ride. Advice from experts regarding worn shock replacement is available from our website to help you out.








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