Auto Maintenance Myths and Tips

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There is a lot of information floating around about vehicles but read more to learn about the common auto maintenance car myths and tips.
Auto Maintenance Myths
If you are new to the world of driving, chances are you’ve been hearing a number of different things from other drivers. Some of th...

Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Auto Shops

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Tags: Marketing Strategies for Auto Shops

We are happy to announce that our article has been posted of the top 10 marketing strategies for auto shops.  
The goal of the article is to help auto shops generate more business during the slow times with proven strategies that work for other businesses in the auto repair industry.  

January's Customer Service Story - Auto Doc Professional Service

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Tags: Customer Service Stories

Customer service stories are a way for us to pay tribute to an auto shop that has gone above and beyond normal expectations to ensure that the customer has a positive memorable experience while having their car fixed. 
This edition of customer service stories is from Ben Kalles a customer in M...

January's Mechanic of the Month - Tom Cowan from Toy Town Motors

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Tom Cowan from Toy Town Motors wins January's mechanic of the month award.  In the month of December Tom received three 5 star reviews from satisfied clients with his work.  
Tom runs an independent auto shop out of Richmond Hill Ontario.  With over 39 years of experience he str...

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