Google Cars Drive Themselves But Will They Be Able to Fix Themselves?

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Tags: New Technologies

Will the day arrive where we can sit in our car and text or surf the internet guilt free as our car drives itself to our desired destination?  It appears like that day is not so far away.  
On October 9th 2010, the New York Times published an article describing the new technology of ...

Google Enriches Online Experience in BMW's

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Tags: New Technologies

Google innovations have been delving into the automotive industry as they try to enhance the driving experience using their search technologies.  When we are in our cars, we often find times where we are looking for a business or location.  With the advancement of GPS navigation syste...

Driving Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy

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Tags: Driving Tips

Let’s face it, when you have car trouble your world probably gets turned upside down.  You can’t get to work, the kids can’t get to school, and you are at the mercy of others.  So, how do you avoid car trouble?  The answer is simple – just take care of your car...

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